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Empowerment Policy

Security.Com is 100% BEE compliant and therefore meets the definitions of the BEE charter.

We have however taken policy on Affirmative Purchasing from the inception. more

Security.Com is a company committed and inspired to secure your world in an increasingly risky society.

To offer second to none services we shall relentlessly seek innovative and affordable solutions and constantly refine our services with uncompromising passion for excellence. more

Security.Com provides the following personalized services without reliance on third parties:

  • Commercial and Industrial Guarding
  • Residential Premises Guarding
  • Street Patrols or Community Based
    Services more

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Security.Com was established in May 2006 and started effective trading on 14th of April 2007.

The company evolved quite significantly beyond expectations within the short duration of its establishment. This has been achieved through a dynamic and innovative management and staff that believe in being second to none... more

We realize the need for a guard to have the necessary equipment to aid him/her in dispatching the right service.

The following equipment are provided some being a must and some optional: more

You can contact us via the following details:

Postal Address

P. O. Box 30764

Telephone Number: (031) 303 8834
Hotline: 086 111 1700
Fax: 086 583 9512 / 031 303 7224 more


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